Packing the suitcase properly

Packing the suitcase properly – tips and tricks

Who doesn’t know it? – The suitcase doesn’t close properly or the shampoo has leaked in the suitcase. You can do a lot of things wrong when packing a suitcase. So that it doesn’t happen to you on your next trip, we have tips and tricks for you on how to pack your suitcase well and properly.

Our tips and tricks for smart suitcase packing

1. Collecting

Before you start packing your suitcase for the vacation, all the clothes and things that you want to take with you should be clearly spread out – for example, on a table or on the bed.

2. Look through again

Before you start packing, think about which clothes you will need on your vacation and which ones are really practical and useful. Are you really going to need three shirts for two weeks, or would you prefer relaxed T-Shirts? What is the weather like at the holiday destination? What activities are planned for the vacation?

Extra tip: A T-Shirt from NXTLVLETE can be worn for a week and saves a lot of space in the suitcase.

3. Rolling instead of folding

Rolling the clothes tightly together instead of stacking them on top of each other has two advantages: First, you need much less space, which comes in handy especially with smaller luggage and backpacks, second, the clothes also remain much more wrinkle-free than with the common stacking method.

In addition, there is also the so-called folding trick. Here, pants, jackets and sweaters are placed in the suitcase according to the shift system. At the end, the sleeves and trouser legs hang out and are folded in together.

4. Towels and hairdryer stay at home

Many things you need on vacation are often provided by the accommodation. Especially towels, bathrobes and hairdryer are part of the standard equipment in many hotels. It’s a good idea to check the hotel website for information about the room equipment and to inquire by mail if you have any special requests. This will definitely save one or the other heavyweight in the suitcase.

5. Observe correct order and apply shift system

Heavy items such as books or shoes should always be placed at the bottom of the suitcase, while light clothes or blouses should be placed at the top. If you take this packing technique to heart, you will not only prevent wrinkled outfits, but also save space.

The suitcase is best packed according to a shift system. The order should be as follows:

  • First layer: heavy items such as shoes, jackets or jeans
  • Second layer: fill the gaps with small things (e.g. charging cable, sunglasses)
  • Third layer: light clothes, for example tops or dresses
  • Fourth layer: fill the gaps again with small things
  • Fifth layer: important items that need to be grabbed quickly
6. Pack shoes individually and pad them with socks

Don’t place shoes in pairs, but always individually in the suitcase. Then you should fold socks and pad the shoes with them or other odds and ends – this way, not only is every space in the suitcase optimally used, but the shoes also keep their shape.

Extra tip: To ensure that the shoes don’t contaminate your other clothes and are also still ventilated, disposable shower caps are an excellent alternative to plastic bags.

7. Stow belt in shirt collar

If you travel for work or like to wear shirts on vacation, you can use a simple trick to keep your collar nice and stiff: Simply roll up the matching belt and place it in the collar. This not only saves space, but also ensures that the shirt is well received.

8. Put beautiful clothes in dry-cleaning bag

Are you traveling to a wedding or do you have a nice shirt in your suitcase? Then it’s worth putting the garment in a dry-cleaning bag. Not only does it stay clean, it will also wrinkle less in the bag than if you just put it in the suitcase.

9. It’s the colour that matters

Only pack clothes that you can combine well with each other. With basics in black, white or navy blue you can create many different outfits, because everything fits together.

Extra tip: The T-Shirts from NXTLVLETE are ideal to combine with other garments.

10. Keep sample packs

Shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, face cream… especially for the ladies of creation, a lot of cosmetics and body care products come together. If you use sample packs – even outside your hand luggage – you will save space and weight. Alternatively, cosmetic products can also be purchased locally. Especially on a longer vacation or with several people, it’s worth buying a large package.

11. Stow cosmetics safely

To prevent cosmetics from leaking out, simply unscrew the cap of the shampoo or flacon, place some plastic wrap tightly over the opening and screw the lid back on. The film is now guaranteed to keep the liquid where it belongs.

12. Protecting fragile

Glass bottles, for example of perfumes or cosmetic products, shouldn’t simply be packed loose in the suitcase. Instead, pack them in a sock. This ensures that the bottle is transported safely and reaches the holiday destination in one piece.

13. Arrange necklaces and bracelets

At home you have packed your jewelry neatly into the suitcase. When you arrive, there’s just a big tangle of necklaces and bracelets. To avoid this, thread your necklaces or bracelets through straws and close them again. This way, each necklace remains beautiful on its own.

14. Hiding valuables

Simply take an empty shampoo bottle or sunscreen tube and hide your money and hotel room key in it. Not only in the suitcase they are so inconspicuously hidden. It’s also a great way to hide your valuables from thieves on the beach.

15. Crosswise packing as a couple

If you’re going on vacation as a couple, pack some of each other’s clothes in your suitcase and vice versa. If one of you loses your luggage or it arrives late at your destination, you can always fall back on the “emergency rations” in your partner’s suitcase.

16. Pack dry towels

If you travel with your suitcase for a longer period of time, your clothes can quickly smell musty. Therefore, put a few dry towels in the suitcase, so that the fresh smell of the clothes is guaranteed even on the move.

17. Suitcase or backpack

The suitcase is especially suitable for delicate clothing or items. However, it’s more impractical to handle and shouldn’t be used for a trip around the world or for a hiking vacation. If it’s a bit more practical and the clothes are also not the most sensitive, then a backpack is best suited. However, when it comes to weight, you should keep in mind that it should not be heavier than 1/3 of your body weight. The disadvantage of the backpack is that the clothes wrinkle quickly and you can hardly reach the lower clothes.

18. 5 in 1 instead of everything individually

For men, they are a real dream, women find them rather strange. Cosmetic products that combine several functions. Shower gel for skin, hair and face is just one example. However, this saves a lot of space in the suitcase and three bottles of shampoo quickly becomes only one.

Do you have more tips and tricks on how to pack the suitcase well and properly? Feel free to express your tips in the comments below.

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