A good shirt must have these 8 qualities

A good shirt must have these 8 qualities

What do you wear for training? Special attention is usually paid to functional jackets made of innovative fibers and perfectly fitting sports pants. People also like to dig deep into their pockets for fancy gadgets like running watches. However, the simplest of all garments is often neglected: the top. A big mistake! Because a good training shirt can have a positive effect on your workout.

The fitness shirt may be considered a simple garment. But nothing is more difficult than finding just the right one in a basic (which you wear almost every day). Because any workout and fitness top isn’t the same as a perfect shirt.

The days of wearing just any tee to workout are long gone – the old college or high school logo t-shirt just isn’t cutting it anymore, even if it’s a home gym rather than a gym with a lot of athletes. We believe that every aspect of gear takes time and thought, and that choosing the perfect fitness apparel can lead to better performance – especially in your daily workouts.

The best workout shirts for men offer quality performance and functionality. A minimalist cotton tee may be less expensive, but it won’t look (and smell) good after an hour-long workout. It doesn’t fight odor or perspiration, and it doesn’t prevent chafing against the skin.

That’s why at NXTLVLETE we’ve developed breathable fabrics with moisture-wicking and odor-resistant technologies that are now a must-have for any workout wear, especially shirts. Our high-quality workout apparel – whether they’re t-shirts, tanks or stringers – give you all that and more.

However, a fitness top shouldn’t only be functional, but also look stylish. All these positive qualities are combined in NXTLVLETE clothing.

These 8 unmatched features are included in our shirts:

1. Anti-stink and antibacterial

Our Nanonite Silver is infused into all our fabrics. No more smelling bad when you sweat. Workout harder without worrying about any odor. Wear the same shirts over and over again without washing it, and still be clean and smelling fresh. Nanonite Silver kills all odor-causing bacteria, so your apparel never get smelly. You can still wash it whenever you like, you just wash it a lot less often.

2. Premium 2-way stretch fabric

Our shirts are made of Premium Cotton and Lycra where our tank tops/stringers are made of Premium Polyester and Lycra. These premium additions help make the fabric stretch and contour to your body perfectly.

3. Anti-wrinkle

No more wrinkled clothes anywhere, ever. Save time so you don’t have to iron your apparel after every wash.

4. Anti-fade

No more clothes color fading away after several wash cycles. There’s nothing more annoying than your black not looking black anymore because of the cheap fabrics used.

5. Anti-shrink

No more shrunken shirts after using the dryer too much. It will always fit you perfectly… well at least until you start bulking.

6. Breathable

No more cheap or thick clothing materials that make you sweat more. Sweat less, conquer more.

7. Moisture-wicking

No more waiting too long for your shirt to dry off. Workout harder, worry less about sweating too much.

8. Ultralight

No more heavy shirts that weigh you down. And perfect for easy packing when traveling.

The days of the old cotton tee are over. Guys should no longer have to smell bad when they workout or go hiking in the mountains for a few days. Your perfect shirt will prove why you deserve this upgrade in your wardrobe.

What do you think about the perfect shirt? What makes good workout apparel for you? Feel free to express your views and opinions in the comments below.

Say goodbye to post-workout stink

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